The gymnasium has been an important place since we were children. Throughout our school life, from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, and to university, it has been a social place where we celebrate grand occasions such as entrance and graduation, and where we train our body and mind through physical education and sports. It has also been an important venue where we have school arts festivals and concerts, which provide us opportunities to improve self-expression and to develop creativity, as well as a place where we have exhibitions and presentations. It also provides us opportunities to show the results of daily practice, and it has been a place where a large number of students gather at school assemblies, and where people in the community are encouraged to socialize.

In the 21st century, children’s education is diversified, and there are activities around the world to create an education system where people with and without disabilities can learn together. A symbiotic society is a society in which every single person participates, respecting each other’s personality and individuality, and supporting each other. An inclusive education system, which is a basic step in the realization of a symbiotic society, may help the children with disabilities to develop their mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential, and let them participate in society. This inclusive education system will produce a positive effect for children with disabilities, for children with disabilities that cannot be recognized from the outside, and for every other child. (Excerpt from the report “Making a Symbiotic Society” by MEXT)

We believe that activity support in a gymnasium, which is a safe and appropriate place for children’s group activities, will have a major role in supporting creative activities and facilitating social interaction. The inclusive education system will help every child, whether they are autistic or neurotypical, or a child having other kinds of disabilities.

We are imagining the realization of an interactive environment entitled FUTUREGYM and will work to make our imagination come true.