Social Imaging

One of our main goals is to create a new field of human-informatics technology called ”Social Imaging” and conduct field demonstration experiments in the real environment.

What is Social Imaging?

About the Project

The University of Tsukuba and Keio University are leading this project called CREST, which is JST funded, and will collaborate with "Special Needs Education School for the Mentally Challenged, University of Tsukuba" and NPOs.

About the project


The realization of an informatic environment entitled “FUTUREGYM”, which is a place to facilitate creative activities for children, is another big goal of this project.


Moving towards not only research into Autism but also research for Autism

Helping people who have difficulty understanding facial expressions and human interactions to understand them. Supporting people who have difficulty making facial expressions and interacting with other people autonomously, to express feelings and to act among people.
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Social Imaging: Technologies for Supporting Creative Activities and Facilitating Social Interaction
Research Director: Kenji Suzuki, Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems/ Center for Cybernics Research, University of Tsukuba)